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Doubling Sales with Just One Decision

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We are thrilled to share the inspiring success story of our partnership with Lemn in Dar, a unique and innovative merchandise vendor specializing in custom-made wooden items. This case study delves into how Lemn in Dar achieved the remarkable feat of doubling sales with just one decision – the introduction of cool character balloons to their merchandise lineup at festivals and fairs.

Lemn in Dar has been a prominent player in the live event merchandise industry, renowned for their exquisite wooden creations that have captured the hearts of event-goers. With an unwavering focus on craftsmanship and design, Lemn in Dar has solidified its brand recognition as a provider of bespoke products.

However, even with their exceptional craftsmanship and loyal customer base, Lemn in Dar faced a significant challenge – how to effectively increase sales and capitalize on the full potential of their presence at festivals and fairs. Lemn in Dar was hesitant to explore character balloons for fear of misaligning with their vision or brand reputation, despite competitors’ success.

The turning point came when Lemn in Dar sought the expertise of Helios Live. As a data-driven marketing company with a track record of helping businesses make strategic decisions based on empirical insights, our analysis revealed a compelling proposition – the potential for cool character balloons to become a major sales driver for Lemn in Dar, especially considering the enthusiastic response from event attendees.

Identifying the Opportunity

Some competitors of Lemn in Dar had success offering character balloons at certain events. These balloons, decorated with popular characters and designs, were grabbing the attention and money of event attendees, becoming an attractive and highly desired product.

These compelling insights from competitor data presented an exciting proposition for Lemn in Dar. It was clear that there was strong demand for cool character balloons, and by adding them to their merchandise lineup, Lemn in Dar could see a significant increase in sales.

However, despite the enticing data and the evident potential for revenue growth, Lemn in Dar initially hesitated to embrace this opportunity. They were reluctant to sell character balloons, not because they didn’t think it would work, but because they didn’t think it was up to their brand’s standards.

Lemn in Dar’s brand identity was built on providing high-quality, custom-made wooden items. They were concerned that branching out might weaken their unique sales proposition.

Understanding Lemn in Dar’s concerns, our team at Helios Live worked closely with them to shift their perspective. We underlined that embracing change and diversity wasn’t going to change their brand. In fact, we emphasized that the introduction of cool character balloons could complement their existing offerings and enhance their overall appeal to a broader customer base.

Testing and Investment

With the decision to introduce cool character balloons made, Lemn in Dar and Helios Live set out to strategically plan the implementation while ensuring profitability and success. The task was to assess investment and its impact on sales.

Using a Principled Approach to Investment Decision-Making

To start the cool character balloon venture, we had to determine the initial investment required. The launch of a new product for Lemn in Dar brought uncertainty about its initial sales potential. To address this challenge, we collaborated with Lemn in Dar’s CEO to devise a principled approach to investment decision-making.

Together, we created a probabilistic table that accounted for various investment levels and corresponding probabilities of breaking even or achieving profitability. By understanding the risks and rewards associated with different investment amounts, Lemn in Dar could make a well-informed decision.

We identified the investment level at which the probability of at least breaking even dropped from 100% to 99%. This became the chosen investment amount, providing Lemn in Dar with a confident and calculated approach to venture into this new product category.

The Outcome of Initial Stock Investment and Its Impact on Sales

As the first fair approached, Lemn in Dar stocked up on cool character balloons based on the principled investment decision. The outcome exceeded expectations.

During the fair, cool character balloon sales took off remarkably well, capturing the attention and enthusiasm of event attendees. 

The investment level chosen through the principled approach ensured that Lemn in Dar experienced a remarkable return on investment. Not only did they break even as planned. They also surpassed the break-even point with ease, turning a handsome profit from this new product line.

Sales were exceptional. Cool character balloons accounted for approximately 50% of Lemn in Dar’s total sales at the first event. The success of this single decision significantly contributed to doubling sales at that particular event.

Lessons Learned and Future Strategy

The success of cool character balloons has sparked a spirit of exploration and innovation within Lemn in Dar. Witnessing the potential rewards of data-driven decisions, Lemn in Dar has become more receptive to exploring new product opportunities that align with customer demand and market trends.

The lessons learned from this experience have enabled Lemn in Dar to develop a structured approach to introducing new products. They now leverage a principled investment strategy that assesses risks and rewards. This allows them to venture into uncharted territories with confidence.

By combining their core expertise in crafting custom wooden items with a data-driven mindset, Lemn in Dar now actively tests and explores new products with calculated precision. This approach empowers them to identify other profitable product lines. This way, they can further diversify their offerings while enhancing their brand value.

Unforeseen Insights

Lemn in Dar’s story reminds us that staying at the forefront of marketing requires continuous adaptation and self-assessment. By learning from the success stories of our clients, we can evolve our strategies to deliver even greater value to the businesses we serve and even improve our own.

We started searching for similar decisions that we were overlooking in our own processes and we found one pretty quickly. We recognized that even as a data-driven marketing company, we had overlooked certain opportunities in our own methods. 

Our primary client funnel, based on in-person networking and word-of-mouth recommendations, was less effective than we assumed. This realization prompted us to revamp our marketing efforts. We started placing greater emphasis on developing and implementing online funnels to reach a broader audience.

Helios Live’s Recommendations

The success story of Lemn in Dar and their cool character balloons underscores the critical role of data-driven decision-making in achieving business growth. Helios Live firmly believes that embracing data insights and competitor analysis can provide valuable guidance in identifying untapped opportunities and making informed choices.

We encourage businesses to ask themselves fundamental questions about their decision-making processes. What influences your decisions: market realities and consumer behavior or dogma, biases, and preconceptions? If you’re not sure, then it’s probably the latter.

Understanding the significance of data in shaping business strategies can help organizations. They can adapt to ever-changing market conditions and seize opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.


The captivating journey of Lemn in Dar and their cool character balloons has shed light on the transformative power of data-driven decision-making. 

The enduring impact of this decision on Lemn in Dar extends beyond mere sales figures. The introduction of cool character balloons has reinvigorated Lemn in Dar’s approach to introducing new products. Empowered by data-driven insights, they now venture into uncharted territories with confidence. They explore other profitable offerings that complement their brand identity and delight their customers.

Embracing innovation, backed by empirical insights, can unlock hidden potential and lead to remarkable achievements. As Lemn in Dar continues to captivate customers with their wooden masterpieces and novelty items, the enduring legacy of their decision to introduce cool character balloons stands as a shining example of how data can be the guiding light towards doubling sales and achieving business excellence.