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Streamlining Custom Development with Jetstream

streamlining custom development

At Helios Live, our unwavering commitment to application development has fueled our journey toward redefining user experiences through innovative solutions. In this case study, we proudly showcase how streamlining custom development with Jetstream drove the success of two distinct projects: Glonass, a cutting-edge GPS tracking application, and Kocerroxy’s user panel, an intuitive interface designed to seamlessly engage users.

With a focus on streamlining processes, reducing overhead, and accelerating innovation, Jetstream empowered us to channel our efforts toward tailoring solutions that cater to the unique demands of each project. This allowed us to propel forward without being burdened by the complexities of building foundational functionalities from scratch.

Projects Overview

Glonass is a GPS-tracking application able to show an accurate history of vehicle movements. With the ability to access and analyze historical GPS data, Glonass translates complex information into comprehensive, insightful reports. 

Diving into our second endeavor, the Kocerroxy user panel, we invite users into an interface designed for seamless engagement. The panel is underworking now, but it will be a culmination of our dedication to creating great interfaces that bridge the gap between users and functionality. With an intuitive design and user-friendly features, the Kocerroxy user panel will serve as a hub for efficient communication, interaction, and engagement, providing users with an exceptional experience.

Utilizing Jetstream: Decision and Factors

In application development, the choices we make can significantly shape the trajectory of our projects. Our decision to use Jetstream was driven by its capabilities, customization, and the need for seamless updates.

When we set out on our journey with Glonass and the Kocerroxy user panel, the choice of development tools held immense importance. Jetstream emerged as a strategic choice due to its unique blend of customization and pre-built functionalities. Our decision to integrate Jetstream was based on our desire to create applications tailored to our clients’ needs. 

Several factors played a crucial role in guiding our decision to adopt Jetstream:

  • Customization

Being able to customize Jetstream to our projects’ needs was super important. We recognized that off-the-shelf solutions might not align perfectly with the unique requirements of Glonass and the Kocerroxy user panel. Jetstream’s adaptability allowed us to create bespoke solutions that met the distinct demands of each project.

  • Ease of Updates

It’s really important to be able to make updates quickly. Jetstream’s architecture streamlined the process of introducing updates and enhancements without disrupting the entire development cycle. This was a significant factor in our decision, allowing us to iterate and evolve efficiently.

  • Focus on Core Development

By leveraging Jetstream’s foundational features, we could divert our attention to the heart of each project — innovative development. Using Jetstream was all about being efficient. It allowed us to invest our energies in crafting features that truly set Glonass and the Kocerroxy user panel apart.

Overcoming Challenges

Glonass Project: Simplifying Data Complexity

The Glonass project presented a formidable challenge: simplifying the complexity of data. With copious amounts of GPS data available, the task of displaying and interpreting this information was a daunting one. 

One specific challenge revolved around data duplication, which led to information overload. Traditional approaches to data visualization often overloaded browsers, impacting user experience. Furthermore, preparing the data for display and creating meaningful visualizations posed a unique challenge.

Jetstream didn’t directly address the complexity of data visualization, but its integration was key in mitigating the data overload challenge. By offloading fundamental functionalities like authentication, authorization, and layouts to Jetstream, we could dedicate our efforts to tackling the complexities of data visualization. Jetstream’s efficiency allowed us to channel our energies into crafting innovative solutions for the Glonass project.

Kocerroxy User Panel: Transitioning for Transformation

The Kocerroxy user panel project brought its own set of challenges, particularly in the realm of technology transition. Transitioning from a completely custom stack to a more vibrant and modern toolset presented a significant hurdle. Integrating new technologies seamlessly while ensuring continuity and minimal disruption was paramount.

The decision to integrate Jetstream allowed us to not only transition smoothly but also tap into its pre-built functionalities. This not only accelerated the transition process but also ensured that we could focus on refining the user panel’s core functionalities without getting entangled in the complexities of technology migration.

Jetstream’s Role in Success

Jetstream’s integration meant a significant reduction in costs. By offloading foundational functionalities like authentication, authorization, and layouts to Jetstream, we could channel our resources and efforts toward addressing the unique needs of Glonass and the Kocerroxy user panel. This not only optimized resource allocation but also contributed to a reduction in development costs.

Moreover, Jetstream’s role in accelerating time-to-completion cannot be overstated. The streamlined development process enabled by Jetstream allowed us to fast-track project timelines. 

The initial version of Glonass was made quickly, taking only 13-20 hours of coding. Thanks to Jetstream, this accomplishment wasn’t as time-consuming as it could have been.

The ability to generate API tokens and implement 2-factor authentication (2FA) further enhanced the security and functionality of the projects. With Jetstream, we could integrate these sophisticated features seamlessly, bolstering the user experience and ensuring data security.

By streamlining the development process, reducing costs, accelerating timelines, and offering advanced functionalities, Jetstream became more than a tool. It became a driving force behind the successful execution of Glonass and the Kocerroxy user panel. The right technology can empower organizations to achieve remarkable feats, transcending challenges and paving the way for excellence.

Customization and Configuration

Jetstream’s architecture makes it easier to talk to the server for data fetching, updates, and interactions. This leads to smoother user experiences, where actions translate into immediate visual feedback, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Vue, a progressive JavaScript framework, plays a vital role in optimizing user experiences. Jetstream leverages Vue’s capabilities to compile and cache static parts of web pages. This dynamic strategy significantly improves the responsiveness of applications. 

By pre-compiling and caching unchanging elements, Jetstream ensures fast load times and smooth interactions, even when components that require loading are still in progress. This translates into a seamless browsing experience that keeps users engaged and satisfied.

Jetstream’s computing resources extend beyond Vue’s caching prowess. Jetstream’s communication mechanisms leverage technologies like Inertia and Livewire to bridge the gap between the frontend and backend, resulting in applications that feel seamlessly responsive to user interactions. 

This efficient data flow guarantees that user interactions are seamless, and actions translate into immediate results. Jetstream helps you easily submit forms, update data, and navigate interfaces to make your experience frustration-free!

Kocerroxy’s user panel’s deployment introduced an exciting chapter in our journey. We envision leveraging virtual machines for deploying the Kocerroxy panel through Laravel Forge. By utilizing Laravel Forge’s capabilities, we will not only ensure smooth deployment but also create an environment that allows us to make updates swiftly and, if necessary, revert to previous versions without disrupting user experiences.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices

One lesson from these projects was the value of component reusability. By embracing components that could be easily duplicated, repurposed, and adapted, Helios Live witnessed a significant boost in development efficiency. 

Components, serving as building blocks, streamlined development by enabling us to create features swiftly while maintaining consistency. Efficiency cornerstone – focus on innovation, not reinventing the wheel.

In the cut-throat world of app development, getting your product out there fast is everything. Jetstream proved its worth by enabling faster Glonass project delivery.


Jetstream’s integration revolutionized our approach to development. Freed from the burden of repetitive tasks, our development teams channeled their energies toward refining user experiences, crafting innovative features, and adapting to evolving market demands.

Innovation isn’t solely about crafting groundbreaking features. It’s about the ability to respond to challenges with creativity. Jetstream did a lot of behind-the-scenes work to help things run smoothly and make room for new ideas. It empowered us to focus on our projects’ unique demands, transforming them into user-centric solutions that resonated deeply.

Both Glonass and Kocerroxy projects demonstrate the transformative power of streamlining custom development with Jetstream.