Evolution of Helios Live’s Ideal Customer Over Time

ideal customer

An ideal customer was an abstract, uncertain concept at Helios Live‘s inception, as elusive as the sands of time. When we first started out, we did not have a clear picture of who our ideal customer was. All we had was enthusiasm, knowledge, and an appetite for creation. At that time, we did not care who we were trying to reach as long as we were able to produce high-quality work.

With every step forward, through trials and tribulations, our mission gradually took shape, transforming from a mere escape from turbulent systems to a profound aspiration: to deliver tangible value and solve real problems. A distinct mission and vision crystallized amid repeated encounters with dishonest systems guided our journey toward an organic revelation of our ideal customer.

Foundational Evolution: Mission and Vision

Through the CEO’s experiences, the mission gradually took shape. Initially, the vision acted as a means of escaping deceitful systems, but as Helios Live delved into content creation for marketing, a transformation began. 

The new vision moved toward giving readers substantial value through accurate, authoritative content to assist them with real problems they were experiencing. 

The evolution of the company was not just a process of looking within. Helios Live was unconcerned with researching the initial market due to its infancy in comparison to the vast market landscape. 

However, a pivotal shift occurred early in 2021 when the CEO predicted the obsolescence of his marketable skills within seven years. This foresight led to a strategic shift from programming to entrepreneurship, investing in skill development much earlier than he needed.

While initially operating in specialized niches with minimal competition, Helios Live encountered significant market changes in 2023 after raising prices for higher quality and losing clients due to pricing objections. This compelled the company to invest in sales courses, uncovering an underserved market segment in e-commerce businesses with sales below 1 million euros.

Market Shifts and Influence on Strategy

In the beginning, we were so absorbed in making things that we neglected to do thorough market research. The impetus for this lay not in neglect but in the urgency to establish a foothold in the industry.

A pivotal juncture arose in early 2021 when our CEO, Alex Eftimie, peered into the future. Foreseeing that 99% of his marketable skills could succumb to obsolescence within seven years, a seismic shift in strategy ensued. This foresight propelled him from the realm of programming to the realm of entrepreneurship, a strategic maneuver aimed at preemptively adapting to the emergent AI-dominated market.

Observations on Customer Behavior

Our foray into the market began by targeting entry-level clients, individuals embarking on their entrepreneurial journeys. However, an inherent mismatch emerged between our ideal clients and their constrained budgets. 

We learned through failure, but we did come to terms with the fact that our goals of making a big difference conflicted with the budget constraints of our entry-level clients. We were focusing on the wrong clients.

The path toward sustainable growth led us to recalibrate our approach. While our initial zeal for making an impact persisted, financial sustainability emerged as a pivotal consideration. Changing our focus from small businesses to larger corporations was not a betrayal of our principles but rather a business necessity for our continued success.

Rather than betraying our original intent, this shift in strategy was a natural reaction to market conditions. It was a recognition that, although making an impact was still our top priority, we needed to be financially stable so that we could keep providing value and expanding our capabilities.

Current Definition of Ideal Customer

Our present ideal client no longer hinges solely on the individuals steering the ship. Instead, our focus has transcended to encompass businesses exhibiting distinct characteristics. We now seek to partner with enterprises demonstrating a proven track record, a testament to their ability to navigate and thrive in their respective markets.

This shift has been a conscious move toward ensuring a harmonious alignment between our unique skill sets and the businesses we serve. Our ideal customer is not defined by the people running the show, but by the kind of company they run. Businesses that invest significantly in research, development, and marketing now form the crux of our ideal client profile.

This recalibration has been instrumental in aligning our services with businesses that not only appreciate but also make optimal use of our unique skill sets. This change highlights our dedication to providing excellent services to clients who are ready to grow and make the most of our offerings. 

Adapted Marketing Strategies

Our evolution has involved more than simply rethinking our ideal customer; it has also revolutionized our marketing strategy. We’ve reassessed our strategies, recognizing that traditional networking events, while beneficial, don’t offer the scalability we seek for our growth.

In line with this realization, we’ve pivoted our focus towards a more targeted approach—one that resonates deeply with potential clients by addressing their pain points directly. Rather than merely promoting our services, we’ve adopted a more solution-oriented stance, aiming to showcase to potential clients how our expertise can address their specific challenges.

This shift in strategy has been instrumental in our quest to build lasting relationships founded on trust and value. By demonstrating tangible solutions, we aim not only to highlight our capabilities but also to empower potential clients with insights and remedies for their current hurdles.

Networking events, once our primary domain for outreach, have taken on a different role. Instead of being our primary focus, they’ve become platforms for us to showcase our achievements and share our experiences. Rather than being a prime channel for lead generation, it is a chance for us to inspire and educate.

Our marketing strategy now centers on empowering our potential clients by offering solutions that add genuine value to their endeavors. We believe that by aligning our services with their needs and aspirations, we not only attract the right clients but also foster a community of growth and mutual empowerment.

Key Lessons Learned

One of the most profound realizations on our journey has been understanding the fluidity inherent in our concept of the ideal client. Initially viewed through a narrow lens, our perception evolved, mirroring the dynamic nature of our industry. 

The ideal client isn’t static. It’s a constantly evolving entity, reflecting the changing tides of market trends and our growth trajectory.

We have been able to fine-tune our offerings since we realized that our ideal customer is not an individual but a company. Nowadays, it is more important to mesh with a company’s core values and principles than to just match up with an individual’s goals. 

This realization has allowed us to focus on providing services and fostering meaningful partnerships with businesses that resonate with our values and can derive substantial value from our expertise.

This lesson has been pivotal in guiding our growth strategy. As a result, we can provide individualized solutions that go beyond simple customer needs and address the comprehensive requirements of businesses, fostering relationships based on in-depth knowledge of their unique requirements.

Future Prospects for the Ideal Customer

There are two sides to the coin regarding keeping up with our ideal clients and their growth. On one hand, it involves adapting our strategies. We emphasize scalability and efficiency in how we serve and cater to their needs. This entails devising innovative ways to deliver our services more efficiently. We ensure that as our clients grow, our solutions evolve alongside them.

Also, creativity stands tall on our roadmap. We envision scaling not just in magnitude but in the intricacies of our service offerings. By providing flexible and individualized strategies, we aim to create solutions. This way, we can adapt to the changing needs of our clients and help them achieve their unique business goals.

Additionally, we anticipate a future with a reimagined strategy for intelligently reusing our work. We want to use our extensive knowledge to come up with strategies that can be used again and again. We look to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality, instead of starting from scratch with each new client.

This forward-looking perspective underscores our commitment to not merely meet but exceed the expectations of our ideal clients. With a focus on scalability, creativity, and strategic innovation, we are ready to start a growth journey with our clients, where we can both thrive.


Reflecting on our journey in defining and evolving our ideal customer has been akin to navigating uncharted waters. We set out without a clear route in mind, instead following our enthusiasm for making a significant impact. As we plotted our course, the characteristics of our ideal client came into focus thanks to our experiences, insights, and steadfast dedication to providing unwavering value.

The relevance of our current ideal customer profile isn’t just a static snapshot. It’s a living, breathing embodiment of our adaptability. We are not stuck in a static mold. Rather, we adapt our services to meet the changing demands of companies. We focus on those who have demonstrated success and reasonable budgets.

Our journey to define the ideal customer continues. Its motivation comes from a constant search for improvement and relevance rather than from a specific destination. We remain steadfast in our pursuit. We leveraged our experiences and insights to serve as catalysts for growth. Both for Helios Live and for the businesses we partner with.